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Debugging on your N900

  • Autor: Gast
  • Datum: 23.07.2010

During development I realized that many device specific features are not available in the emulator. So I decided to find a way to debug software in realtime on the device. First of all I had to upgrade my Device to version PR 1.2. So my SDK and the device libraries had the same version numbers.

I had to install the „maemo pc connectivity“ Package on my N900 and on my host pc. First I enabled the developer repository on my N900: catalog name: extras-devel web address: http://repository.maemo.org/extras-devel distribution: fremantle components: free non-free in a shell on the N900: sudo gainroot apt-get install maemo-pc-connectivity gdb On my Host System I added the repository: deb http://pc-connectivity.garage.maemo.org/repository intrepid main and installed host-pc-connectivity by typing: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get instsall host-pc-connectivity I had a new usb device with an IP address

On my N900 I configured in the system-settings->pc connectivity manager the “default” environment: connection type: usb ipadress: gateway: After applying and saving the changes the N900 was ready. I connected it to my pc and opened an ssh shell to the device. I used the username and password I have been asked for while installation on the n900.

In ESBox i had to open the Debug Configurations Dialog and created a new Maemo Remote Application. Most points should be clear. The point Download is interesting: I used Download Method: ssh RemoteConnection: Verify the target path. It must be a path that is writeable by the user you have used for the ssh session above. Klick on „Edit“->the link SSH panel and configure the destination folder if necessary.

[caption id=“attachment_473” align=“alignnone” width=“300” caption=“Debug Configuration - Download Method”]Debug Configuration - Download Method[/caption]

That was all. The complete documentation of “pc connectivity” can be found here http://pc-connectivity.garage.maemo.org/2nd_edition/index.html. This documentation describes howto use certificates to avoid password fields during the launch process. This is not necessary, simply type the username and password once and check remember.

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